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1 Surprising downsides of being extremely intelligent Carlos Simões 2634
2 What Makes a Genius Claudia Kalb 2108
3 Autism As a Disorder of High Intelligence Bernard J. Crespi 2127
4 The 10,000-hour rule is wrong and perpetuates a cruel myth David Z. Hambrick, Fernanda Ferreira, and John M. Henderson, Slate 3593
5 Secrets of the human brain unlocked Jie Zhang Wei Cheng Zhaowen Liu Kai Zhang Xu Lei Ye Yao Benjamin Becker Yicen Liu Keith M. Kendrick Guangming Lu 2442
6 The combination of human and artificial intelligence will define humanity’s future Bryan Johnson 2266
7 IQdb: an intelligence quotient score-associated gene resource for human intelligence Lei Kong Lu Cheng Li-ya Fan Min Zhao Hong Qu 2425
8 Life Extension Factor Klotho Enhances Cognition Dena Dubal, Lennart Mucke et al. 8343
9 The relationship between intelligence and creativity Carlos Simões 9516
10 What is giftedness? What is talent? Sarah Swenson, MA, LMHCA 8101
11 g and the measurement of Multiple Intelligences: A response to Gardner B.A. Visser et al 8984
12 Is Human Intellect Degenerating? Gerald R. Crabtree 13539
13 Últimos artigos no Facebook... Carlos Simões 5947
14 Fractionating human intelligence Adam Hampshire, Roger R. Highfield, Beth Parkin, Adrian M. Owen 7438
15 The Scary Smart Are The Scary Rich Jonathan Wai 7824
16 Best evidence yet that a single gene can affect IQ Andy Coghlan 8015
17 In Defense of Polymaths KYLE WIENS 19406
18 The Myth of Inevitable Nature and Reversible Nurture Matt Ridley 9427
19 Who Is Currently Identified as Gifted in the United States? Scott Barry Kaufman. 10978
20 The 4 Biggest Myths About the Human Brain Robert T. Gonzalez 14499
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