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31 Emotional Intelligence: Issues and Common Misunderstandings Robert J. Emmerling, Daniel Goleman 9305
32 Why g Matters: The Complexity of Everyday Life Linda S. Gottfredson 6503
33 The Discovery of IQ Gains Over Time James R. Flynn 6283
34 The General Intelligence Factor Linda S. Gottfredson 6864
35 Estimating state IQ: Measurement challenges and preliminary correlates Michael A. McDaniel 6365
36 Income Inequality and IQ Charles Murray 6166
37 Association between the DTNBP1 gene and intelligence Janneke R Zinkstok, Odette de Wilde, Therese AMJ van Amelsvoort, Michael W Tanck, Frank Baas and Don H Linszen 6146
38 Neurobiology of Intelligence: Science and Ethics Jeremy R. Gray and Paul M. Thompson 5639
39 Human intelligence determined by volume and location of gray matter tissue in brain Richard Haier et al. 6557
40 The IQ Paradox: Still Resolved William T. Dickens, James R. Flynn 5619
41 Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig 5999
42 Longitudinal cohort study of childhood IQ Lawrence J Whalley 5283
43 Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns APA Board of Scientific Affairs 6129
44 High IQ Societies Bookrags 32403
45 Neo-Lysenkoism, IQ and the press Bernard D. Davis 5009
46 Geographical Centrality as an Explanation for Racial Differences in Intelligence Edward M. Miller 5280
47 Racial Differences in Intelligence: What Mainstream Science Says Wall Street Journal, 13/12/94 5557
48 What's So Creative About Creativity? Greg A. Grove 5576
49 Reproduction Technology for a New Eugenics Glayde Whitney 7869
50 A resolution of the normal IQ but small brain anomaly John R. Skoyles 10711
51 Does Brain size matter ?, a reply to Rushton and Ankney Michael Peters 9897
52 Race, Intelligence and the Brain J. Philippe Rushton 7544
53 IQ Will Put You In Your Place Charles Murray 6442
54 Acceleration: A Coat of Many Colours Wilma Vialle et al 15145
55 Life-Span Giftedness Penny Van Deur 5796
56 The Creativity / IQ interface Maria MacCann 12412
57 The Human Nature of Creativity John D. MacArthur 5812
58 Who wants to be a millionaire : Quiz shows and Intelligence James Adams 8599
59 Theories of Intelligence Several Authors 12393
60 IQ and economic success Charles Murray 4967
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