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Enchanted Mind, Articles NOVO

Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page - Articles & Essays

Talent Development Resources - Articles

Multiple Intelligence Theory - books, articles, web sites and publishers

QI-Intelligence, le portal francophone de Q.I. NOVO

Worldbook Medical Encyclopedia, Intelligence Quotient NOVO

Upstream: Upstream Issues, Psychology, Intelligence and IQ


Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns
The Report from the American Psychological Association in reaction to the Bell Curve controversy.

Reflections on Stephen Jay Gould's The Mismeasure of Man by John Carroll.

Cognition in Evolutionary Theory by F. J. Irsigler

Concerning scientific creativity: Hermann J. Muller and germinal repositories. by J. W. Jamieson

Foretelling the Bell Curve review by Seligman of Young's Meritocracy

Seligman's "A Question of Intelligence: The IQ Debate in America" Review by Kevin Lamb

Intelligence and Civilization by Maria T. Phelps

Dana.Org - The Dana Press


The Dana Press, the publisher for the Charles A. Dana Foundation and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, produces periodicals, reports, reference works, and books in the fields of health, particularly brain research and education,-particularly innovative approaches to improving early education.

a bi-monthly newsletter for the general public.

BrainWork This Week
a weekly report on the most interesting new research in brain science.

The Brain in the News
a monthly tabloid reprinting brain-related articles from major newspapers.

Cerebrum: The Dana Forum on Brain Science
a thought-provoking new journal of ideas, with articles, debates, and reviews from the world's top neuroscientists and thinkers from philosophy to physics.

States of Mind: New Discoveries About How Our Brains Make Us Who We Are,
edited by Roberta Conlan

Brain Connection (Library)


Assessment & Intelligence

Does I.Q. Equal the Whole Story on Intelligence?
Defining intelligence by an I.Q. score may unjustly rule out the potential of students who possess less "traditional" forms of intelligence.

Measuring the Mind
In the century since Alfred Binet invented the first intelligence test, IQ has ballooned into a tool used on millions to determine everything from military aptitude to potential criminality. What is the real relationship between IQ and intelligence?

Gifted Students
Gifted students are not necessarily those who bring home the best report cards, but may well be the students at the back of the classroom whose abilities go unnoticed. Find out more about the task of identifying gifted students and the development of special programs to address their needs.

A Conversation With Howard Gardner
Dr. Howard Gardner, the originator of the theory of Multiple Intelligences, has redefined the concept of intelligence. His work has forced people to reevaluate not only the definition of intelligence but also our approach to learning and teaching.

Thinking and Problem Solving

Chess Playing Reveals Brain Process of Complex Problem Solving
Observing how the brain processes complex problem solving during a chess game allows scientists to get a jump on a processing network throughout the brain.

"Left Brain" "Right Brain": The Mind in Two
Developments in the late twentieth century have revealed startling new discoveries about how the two halves of the mind work-both together and alone.

Navigating Space: How Your Brain Knows Where You Are
How do we rapidly build spatial maps of unfamiliar rooms or cities? A pair of tiny seahorse-shaped curls in the brain might be the key to unlocking the mystery of how humans understand spaces.

Playing the Piano Might Make You Smarter
In the midst of chasing after spatial-temporal gains brought on by the Mozart Effect, it seems that researchers may have stumbled upon an even more powerful musical tool than Mozart: the keyboard.

Research in Perception: The Features of Face Recognition
The human brain may contain circuits that are specialized for recognizing human faces. Since we are social creatures, face recognition may be one of the more important functions of the brain.

Learning and Memory

How We Remember, and Why We Forget
Find out how the brain turns experiences into memories and learn ways to develop memory strategies that focus on the natural strengths of the human brain.

Working Memory, Language and Reading
Find out more about working memory. How does it differ from short or long-term memory and how does it affect language and reading ability in children?

Weightlifting for the Mind: Enriched Environments and Cortical Plasticity
We all know that stimulating environments are enjoyable for infants, but do they really affect brain development? Research into "enriched environments" provides some interesting answers.

Motivation and Emotion

What is Emotional Intelligence?
The emotional intelligence revolution has already impacted the education and corporate worlds. Is it possible that it is the answer we've been waiting for?

The Emotional Brain
Find out what goes on to create human perception and experiences of emotion -- and why?

Behavior Still Holds the Key to More Brain Study
Researchers acknowledge how cognitive and emotional factors intertwine with brain disorders and chart a path to greater understanding.


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  • More Information On IQ and Intelligence
  • Ten Tips for Test Taking
  • Early to Rise Raises GPA
  • Travels with Einstein's Brain
  • Dieting Lowers IQs of British Girls
  • Surprisingly Smart: Hollywood's Educated Icons
  • IQ and Intelligence
  • Is That Your Final Answer? Quiz Shows and Intelligence
  • The Brain of the Century
  • Researcher Asks: 'What Does It Mean to be Intelligent?'
  • fMRI Reveals Dynamics of Working Memory
  • Intelligence resides in certain parts of the brain Jul 20, 2000 (Reuters)
  • Parents influence IQ more than birth weight does Jul 20 (Reuters)
  • Hormone therapy has little effect on intellectual function Jul 13, 2000 (Reuters)
  • First impression usually right when it comes to IQ Jun 12, 2000 (Reuters)
  • Smarter teens delay having sex Mar 03, 2000 (Reuters)
  • Genetic manipulation boosts mouse IQ NEW YORK, Sep 01, 1999 (Reuters Health)
  • Breastfeeding linked to higher IQ NEW YORK, Sep 22, 1999 (Reuters Health)
  • Womb Environment a Major Factor in IQ NEW YORK, July 31, 1997 (Reuters)
  • Low IQ Ups Battle Stress Risk NEW YORK,March 27, 1998 (Reuters)
  • Intelligence Related To Risk For Posttraumatic Stress Disorder WESTPORT, Mar 31,1998 Reuters)
  • Education may offset cognitive decline due to cortical atrophy WESTPORT, Jul 14,1999 (Reuters Health)
  • Education may protect against dementia NEW YORK, Jul 13, 1999(Reuters Health)
  • Larger parietal lobes explain Einstein's superior intellect WESTPORT, Jun 18,1999 (Reuters Health)
  • Spanking may affect IQ NEW YORK, Aug 05, 1998 (Reuters)
  • Low IQ In Adult Males Linked To Prenatal Phenobarbital Exposure WESTPORT, Nov 15, 1995 (Reuters)
  • Maternal Uterine Factors Have Important Role In Offsprings' IQ WESTPORT, Jul 31, 1997 Reuters)
  • Decline In Childhood IQ Predictive Of Adult Psychosis WESTPORT, May 04, 1998 (Reuters)
  • Harsh Discipline Hurts IQ NEW YORK, Aug 19, 1995 (Reuters)
  • Supplemented formula ups infant intelligence NEW YORK, Sep 07,1998 (Reuters)
  • Childhood Lead Exposure Lowers IQ NEW YORK,June 21, 1996 (Reuters)
  • Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids supplementation associated with infant intelligence WESTPORT, Aug 28,1998 (Reuters)
  • Brain pH Levels May Be Related To Intelligence WESTPORT, Aug 15,1996 (Reuters)
  • Childhood intelligence linked to timing of menopause NEW YORK, Jul 21,1999 (Reuters Health)
  • Psychologists Question Scientific Basis of IQ Testing WASHINGTON, May 28,1997 (Reuters)
  • More Information On Brain 101
  • Gender and the Brain
  • Are men really brain damaged at birth?
  • Limbic Brain
  • Women's mental skills vary during monthly cycle Jan 11, 2001 (Reuters)
  • Oops! The Brain Does It Again
  • Women Use Whole Brain to Listen, Men Use Half
  • See It, Imagine It--It's the Same to Your Brain
  • Cell Phone Dangers: Hands-Free No Better?
  • French Find Male Arousal Region in the Brain
  • A One-Hit Wonder: Cell Death in Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Multiple Clocks Keep the Body In Sync
  • Gray Matter and Gray Areas: The Neuroscience of Morality
  • The Cell Phone Chronicles
  • Finding Our Way: Men, Women and the Sense of Direction
  • Finding Our Way, Part 2: For London Cabbies Size Does Matter
  • Brain Awareness Week March 13-19, 2000
  • Paying Attention: How the Brain Looks Without Seeing
  • Reading Your Mind? Using Technology to Look into the Imagination
  • It Takes Two: Gender and the Brain
  • My Love is Chemical
  • Watching the Mind at Work: Advances in Brain Imaging
  • The Pain Game
  • Brain Breakthroughs: Looking Back on the Decade of the Brain
  • Lead and the Brain
  • Nutrition and Your Brain: Proteins for Function
  • Understanding Sleep
  • The Emotional Brain
  • Multitasking Behaviors Mapped to the Prefrontal Cortex
  • 'Altered State' May Be Responsible for Creating Important Brain Chemicals
  • Did the PT evolve a functional role in communication-related tasks in chimpanzees, as it did in humans?
  • Severity of Brain Changes During Nicotine Withdrawal Comparable to Those for Other Drugs of Abuse
  • fMRI Reveals Dynamics of Working Memory
  • Fact Memory Spared Despite Hippocampal Damage
  • Focusing Attention Cancels Brain-Dampening Effects of Visual Clutter
  • Stress and the Developing Brain
  • Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep
  • Chess Playing Helps Reveal How Brain Works
  • Researchers Discover Gene For Major Brain Structure
  • Alcohol and Cognition
  • More Information On Memory
  • Brain Remembers Things That Did Not Happen
  • Memory and Emotions: How the Brain Stores Our Experience, Part 2
  • Making Memories: How the Brain Stores Our Experience, Part 1
  • Memory Lapses Are Usually Normal, But Some May Signal Deeper Problems
  • Estrogen Replacement May Help Slow Decline in Memory in Post-Menopausal Women
  • fMRI Reveals Dynamics of Working Memory
  • Fact Memory Spared Despite Hippocampal Damage
  • Compound Enhances Memory in Mice With Alzheimer-like Symptoms
  • Spatial Short-Term Memory Pinpointed in Human Brain
  • Memory Exercises
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