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Segunda, 09 Fevereiro 2009 09:53

In 1985, Sternberg developed a triarchic theory of intelligence, highlighting the individual differences in intelligence and dividing human intelligence into analytical, creativity, and practical intelligences.

 These are described as:

  • (1) analytical intelligence includes the ability to analyze, compare and contrast, evaluate, explain, judge, and criticize
  • (2) creative intelligence includes the ability to create, design, invent, imagine, and suppose
  • (3) practical intelligence includes the ability to use, apply, implement, employ, and contextualize.

In other words, technological creation should be a comprehensive embodiment of a pool of integrated abilities, including knowledge application, practical intelligence, thinking ability, and action taking. To this so-called "e-generation" most students in general perform very well in knowledge memorization and reasoning, but they are rather weak in knowledge application and innovation. Regarding practical intelligence, the majority of the students are lack of hands-on experiences. Many school assignments that require hands-on practice are often done by parents, thus students has led to a general lack of plurality and flexibility, particularly with respect to their problem-discovering and problem-solving abilities to implement and complete a task. The situation is worse with elementary and high school students because the younger the age, the more easily be interfered the students become.

In order to avoid the above phenomenon, a technological creativity contest -- Power Tech contest will be employed to IEYI 2008 initially which requires the creative project to be produced and completed on site within the one-day competition.

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