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Escrito por Sarah Swenson, MA, LMHCA   
Quarta, 18 Dezembro 2013 21:22

There seem to be infinitely variable definitions for these two words. Let's start with the idea of intelligence. Most research suggests that the higher an individual's intelligence, the greater the degree of cognitive, emotional, and spiritual complexity there will be in that person's encounter with the world. In our culture, we tend to award achievement: the highest GPA, the best job, the most academic degrees, and the most money. Giftedness, however, is not about achievements in that sense.


Giftedness manifests as a way of being in the world. This way of being involves, for example, the developing of new ways to synthesize information; of solving problems through subliminal pattern recognition; of applying disparate facts and experiences to a new situation. To the truly gifted, a high GPA, academic degree, or great job, are all by-products of bringing passionate curiosity to the world, and of staying with something long enough to ride a question all the way through to an answer.

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