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Esta é uma lista das sociedades "High IQ" actualmente existentes e com presença na Internet. Os critérios de admissão a cada uma delas estão geralmente disponíveis nos respectivos websites. De uma forma geral, os testes supervisionados de admissão da Mensa, o teste de matrizes avançadas de Raven (RAPM) e os testes de Wechsler (WAIS) são aceites pela maioria das sociedades. Quanto aos testes online, apenas um número muito restrito de testes é considerado fiável. Incluem-se nestes, testes como o Sigma Teste, os testes de Xavier Jouve, Nik Lygeros, Laurent Dubois e Robert Sato, entre outros, bem como os testes de topo da Int'l High IQ Society. Links para estes e outros testes estão disponíveis na nossa secção de "Testes", nomeadamente na página 3.

Em Portugal, o Grupo de Membros Portugueses da Mensa, que tem como objectivo a criação da Mensa Portugal, está autorizado a efectuar testes de admissão a candidatos portugueses.

Endereço Web Acessos
21   Link   Colloquy
Colloquy is, to the best of our knowledge, the first high-IQ society based entirely on the Internet. It is created as a forum for the collegial sharing of thoughts, experiences, and creative expression among people of superior intelligence. Defining our terms, what could be considered as superior intelligence? Statistically, perhaps arbitrarily, the highest half-percent of the general populace are placed into this category, at 2.58 standard deviations above the mean. Assuming a 15.5 s.d., this level is 140 IQ... not that undue emphasis should be placed upon such tests. Intelligence is a curious quality, easily recognized while somewhat elusive when precise definitions are sought. Consider the contemporary theories of Gardner and Sternberg, which recognize multiple aspects of intelligence.
22   Link   Pars Society
Pars Society was founded in 2002 by Baran Yönter as a High Intelligence Society. Main goal of the Society is to provide a private, intellectual and peaceful cyberspace among its members. Pars Society offers an absolute liberty of speech, and encourages exchange of ideas and projects. According to our International Membership Structure, our exceptionally gifted Members represents more than 17 countries in Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.
23   Link   Giga
Giga society was founded in 1996 by Paul Cooijmans, who has served as its Administrator since. Giga Society is open to anyone scoring at or above the 99.9999999th estimated unselected population percentile on any of the acceptable tests. This means one in a billion individuals can qualify.
24   Link   ePiq
ePiq is an IQ society which has a main purpose to bring together intelligent people from all around the globe. It is widely known that there are many web based IQ societies on the net. Many of them request money for membership. Becoming a member in our society is free. We accept anyone who has a score at or above the 99.8th percentile on one or more of our accepted tests.
25   Link   World Intelligence Network
WIN seeks to establish itself as a global vector for cultivation and development by the most intellectually gifted people. The acronym WIN represents a move forward progress, the hope of a victory for humanity using all its potential.

26   Link   The Omega Society
The Omega Society is an IQ society at the 99.9999th percentile (one-in-a-million level on a test of general intelligence) and exists for the recognition and encouragement of individuals of extremely high intelligence. It was founded by Ronald K. Hoeflin, Ph.D.
27   Link   Top One Percent Society
TOPS is a high IQ society, at the 99th percentile of intelligence, dedicated to the intellectual stimulation and growth of its members. To this effect a journal (Termite) to which any member can submit letters, essays, poems or art, has been set in place.
28   Link   Encefálica
Estos son nuestros principales objetivos:
- Incentivar el interés por participar en sociedades intelectualmente estimulantes dentro de la comunidad de habla hispana.
- Contactar a algunos de los grandes pensadores del mundo entero, para fomentar un intercambio cultural, ideológico y cognitivo.
- Crear un espacio de convivencia armónica, y amistosa haciendo hincapié en las actividades intelectuales, filosóficas, espirituales y artísticas.
29   Link   HispanIQ International Society
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