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Esta é uma lista das sociedades "High IQ" actualmente existentes e com presença na Internet. Os critérios de admissão a cada uma delas estão geralmente disponíveis nos respectivos websites. De uma forma geral, os testes supervisionados de admissão da Mensa, o teste de matrizes avançadas de Raven (RAPM) e os testes de Wechsler (WAIS) são aceites pela maioria das sociedades. Quanto aos testes online, apenas um número muito restrito de testes é considerado fiável. Incluem-se nestes, testes como o Sigma Teste, os testes de Xavier Jouve, Nik Lygeros, Laurent Dubois e Robert Sato, entre outros, bem como os testes de topo da Int'l High IQ Society. Links para estes e outros testes estão disponíveis na nossa secção de "Testes", nomeadamente na página 3.

Em Portugal, o Grupo de Membros Portugueses da Mensa, que tem como objectivo a criação da Mensa Portugal, está autorizado a efectuar testes de admissão a candidatos portugueses.

Endereço Web Acessos
1   Link   Grupo de Membros Portugueses da Mensa
Em toda a União Europeia apenas um país não tem uma Mensa local: Portugal. Este web site pretende ser o ponto de partida para a criação da futura Mensa Portugal, que será o ramo português da Mensa, uma organização sem fins lucrativos, que tem como critério único de admissão a obtenção, num teste de inteligência padronizado e supervisionado, de um resultado acima do percentil 98 da população humana.
2   Link   Glia Society
The Glia Society is an international organization for friendly contact between intelligent individuals. For membership, there are requirements in the form of scores on selected high-range intelligence tests. Required: 99.9th centile.
3   Link   The Pi Society
Name of the society : The Pi Society
Date of foundation : 1999
Cut-off : 99.9999th percentile
4   Link   Cerebrals Society
Cerebrals Society is an international non-profit organization for people whose cognitive abilities have been assessed at or above 141 (SD15) on standardized, professional psychometric scales. This means that membership is opened for the top 0.3% of people along the Wechsler's IQ spectrum. For comparison, the high-giftedness commonly accepted cut-off is the top 2% or an IQ of 130 (SD15).
5   Link   The Mega Society
The Mega Society is a high IQ society open to people who have scored at the one-in-a-million level on a test of general intelligence credibly claimed to be able to discriminate at that level.
6   Link   Ultranet
The Ultranet is a program of the Mega Foundation and is supported by the Foundation's many friends and members. Membership in the Ultranet is open to extremely gifted adults with an IQ of 164 (SD 4.25) or greater or equivalent. A limited number of provisional members are invited to participate in the Ultranet. The Ultranet is a free-form and self-supportive community of creative and caring individuals.
7   Link   Mysterium
Take the online Mysterium Entrance Exam 4. You must pass at the 98th percentile or above. There is no charge for any of the Exams and your test results are confidential. The membership is open to anyone of any age regardless of sex, religious preference, educational attainment, or social/financial status.
8   Link   Sigma Society
Sigma Society foi fundada em 21 de novembro de 1999, por Hindemburg Melão Jr., e atualmente conta mais de 200 membros provenientes de 40 paises de 6 continentes.
9   Link   International High IQ Society
The International High IQ Society was founded in the spirit of the urban academies and intellectual salons that first sprang up during the European Enlightenment. The Society is an egalitarian community full of opportunities for its members to share the life of the mind, unencumbered by the restrictions of physicality.
10   Link   Mensa International
Mensa was founded in England in 1946 by Roland Berrill, a barrister, and Dr. Lance Ware, a scientist and lawyer. They had the idea of forming a society for bright people, the only qualification for membership of which was a high IQ. The original aims were, as they are today, to create a society that is non-political and free from all racial or religious distinctions. The society welcomes people from every walk of life whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population, with the objective of enjoying each other's company and participating in a wide range of social and cultural activities.
11   Link   The HighPotentialsSociety
The HighPotentialsSociety was founded in 2002 by Dr. Max Tiefenbacher. The central idea was creating a forum for intellectually highly talented people. The only entrance criterion is an intelligence quotient (IQ) which corresponds to a percentile of at least 98. This corresponds to an IQ of at least 130 at a scale with a mean average value of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.
12   Link   Mensa Brasil
A Mensa é uma sociedade formada por pessoas de alto QI. Foi fundada em 1946 na Inglaterra e é hoje internacionalmente conhecida, com quase 100.000 membros em mais de 100 países. A idéia original era, e ainda é, criar uma sociedade apolítica e livre de distinções raciais ou religiosas, com o objetivo de fomentar a inteligência e promover o convívio de pessoas intelectualmente estimulantes. No Brasil conta com cerca de 300 membros. Para filiar-se à Mensa, a única exigência é ter um QI na faixa dos 2% superiores da população, comprovado por testes aplicados pela própria Mensa, ou reconhecidos por ela.
13   Link   Intertel
Founded in 1966, Intertel is a high-IQ society that has only one qualification for membership: a score at or above the 99th percentile on a standardized IQ test.
14   Link   Poetic Genius Society
The Poetic Genius Society is composed of intellectually gifted individuals with a passion for poetry. They are the creative artists of our time, whose literary output interprets the heritage of the past and the urgent now.
15   Link   CIVIQ
CIVIQ society is an international society for people having tested at a very high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) at or above the third standard deviation above the statistical mean of the population (IQ 145 (s.d. 15) resp. IQ 148 s.d.16). The name CIVIQ comes from the latin word civis which means citizen. Added to the letters IQ, we obtain the idea of a community where the members are linked by their intellectual abilities.
16   Link   The Prometheus Society
The Prometheus Society was established in 1982 by philosopher Ronald K. Hoeflin, Ph.D. to promote fellowship among individuals with extremely high intelligence. Membership in the society is open to anyone who has received a score on an accepted IQ test that is equal to or greater than that received by the highest one thirty-thousandth of the general population.
17   Link   I.S.P.E.
The Society accepts standardized test scores or designated unsupervised tests for entrance. Qualification for entrance is based upon present intellectual merit, rather than one's reputation for accomplishment in the past or past academic achievements. Once in the Society, the member is encouraged to apply for promotion based upon contemporary personal achievement and contributions to the general welfare of society. Correspondence among members and publication in the Society's journal, Telicom, are encouraged and rewarded.
18   Link   The Triple Nine Society
The Triple Nine Society is committed to friendship, communication, the adventure of intellectual exploration, and a greater realization of individual potentials. It neither sanctions the imposition of one person's philosophy on another nor subscribes to any particular philosophy for its members. It will strive to avoid the insularity of mere exclusiveness. The guiding principle of the Society is democratic and collegial rather than hierarchical. The Society will remain open to innovation and evolution.
19   Link   The Helliq Society
The Helliq Society was founded by Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis M.D. on the first day of the new millenium in 2001. The society is dedicated to the application of valid, scientific instruments in identifying people at the farthest limits of measurement of cognitive abilities and assembling them together.
20   Link   The OLYMPIQ Society
International High-Intelligence's Society for the top 0.00003% of the general population. The abilities of OLYMPIQ members are extremely rare, since only 1'800 out of the 6'400'000'000 can qualify for membership. Thus, an IQ of 180, sd 16 respectively IQ 175, sd 15, is required to become a member of this exclusive High IQ society.
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