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1   Link   Albert Frank
Le but de ce site est de présenter quelques articles originaux, sur des sujets variés : Mathématiques, statistiques, jeux logiques, sociologie. This site presents some articles about mathematics, statistics, logical games and sociology.
2   Link   On Truth & Reality
This page has a good collection of free online IQ tests. Hope you have some fun doing them. And I also hope that you will look around you sometimes and think about what everything is (including yourself), how it is all connected together in Space. There is now a simple explanation, you just need to read and think about it!
3   Link   Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests
Web site maintained by Darryl Miyaguchi.
4   Link   Mensan.Eu - A Mensa blog
This is Mensan.Eu a collaborative Mensa blog, open to any mensan in the world to signup and say their bit.
5   Link   John Hawks Weblog
I'm an anthropologist, and I study the bones and genes of ancient humans. I was trained as a paleoanthropologist. "Paleoanthropology" is more than a speciality within anthropology, or biology. It is an integrated study involving methods and insights from many fields. Unlike many paleoanthropologists, my study extends across the entire span of human evolution, the last 6 million years, as I examine the genetic and environmental causes that made the foundation of our origins.
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Faixa publicitária

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