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1   Link   Apotheosis
The online journal for Poetic Genius Society is Apotheosis. In it, you will find a wealth of poetry, prose and other good stuff for public consumption and enjoyment. We hope you will take the time to review the journal, and, perhaps, become a contributor yourself.
2   Link   Thoth, the Glia Society journal
The journal "Thoth" is members-only and appears bimonthly in digital form (P.D.F.). It guarantees absolute freedom of speech and has no editorial changes or censorship of any kind. Thoth is filled with members' submissions, and occasionally contains material by others.
3   Link   Perfection
The journal of the PI Society.
4   Link   The Cerebrals Online Journal
The Cerebrals Online Journal is the journal of the Cerebrals Society. Articles are freely submitted by any member or subscriber of the Cerebrals Society.
5   Link   Noesis
Noesis, the Journal of the Mega Society
6   Link   Mysterium Magazine
The purpose of our society's magazine is to present to the public and to other members of Mysterium society our work, thoughts and ideas.
7   Link   The Validity of Testing in Education & Employment
Addresses the meaning & fairness of testing in education & employment with concentration on tests used: in elementary & secondary schools; for admission to higher education & for scholarship awards; for employment referrals, hiring & promotions; & for regulating occupations. Contains a background paper on key issues, a condensed transcript of the consultation of experts, papers written by the panelists, & a summary of their positions. Includes a glossary, references, appendixes of Federal guidelines & standards, & major legislation & litigation involving testing.
8   Link   The Danger in Overemphasizing the Use of Scholastic Assessment Tests
Information on court decisions & professional guidelines concerning standardized test score misuse. Witnesses: Federal Government Speaks Out: Jay Rosner, Dir., Princeton Review Foundation; TV Race Initiative ÓSecrets of the SAT,Ó Frontline, PBS Documentary: Sharon Tiller, Exec. Producer, PBS Frontline, & Bob Laird, Dir. of Undergrad. Admissions & Relations with Schools, Univ. of CA, Berkeley; Undergrad. Admissions: Charles Ratliff, CA Postsecondary Ed. Comm., & Michael Beseda, St. Mary's College; Raising Educational Achievement: Raymond Orbach, Univ. of CA, Riverside; & Academic Preparation: Mark Rosenbaum, American Civil Liberties Union.
9   Link   New York Magazine: In The Kingdom of the Brain
The smartest couple in New York...
10   Link   American Philosophical Society: The American Eugenics Movement
Transforming Better Babies into Fitter Families: Archival Resources and the history of the American Eugenics Movement (1908-1930)
11   Link   Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a Learning Science‎
This book provides new insights about learning by synthesising existing and emerging findings from cognitive and brain science.
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